How to pay bills on-line ?

You can utilize the paypal link on our home page at  It is in the lower right hand column.

How to transfer warranty?

A composition shingle warranty is transferrable through the respective manufacturer installed on your home.  Most manufacturers will require a written request for transfer within the first 60 days after the transfer of the home, or date on home purchase contract.  If you have questions on this, you can call the manufacturer ,likely GAF, Owens Corning, Tamko, or CertainTeed that is printed on the original warranty.

Do you install Brava roof tiles

We do install Brava Roof Tile.  Brava is good solution when weight is a consideration.  It is a synthetic tile which makes is significantly lighter than concrete and clay products.  Attached is a link to a recent installation. Just click on gallery and the first picture that comes up is Brava Roof Tile.



How long is your warranty on asphalt shingle roofs?

There are two warranty’s to consider when purchasing a roof installation.  A material defect warranty and a labor warranty against leaks.  The manufacturers carry the material defect warranty and they range from a limited 25 years up to a limited 50 years.  The products and processes incorporated into the roofing system will “define limited”.  The workmanship warranty against leaks will range from 1 year up to 25 years.  Our typical roof replacement with a GAF or Owens Corning composition shingle will carry between a 10 year and 25 year workmanship warranty backed by the manufacturer.   All of the warranty coverages are determined by clients choices in product and processes.  The more you incorporate, the longer the warranty.

Do you offer free estimates?

We do offer free estimates to owners of single family homes and privately owned commercial facilities.  Real Estate inspections are subject to fee. jb

What type attic vents do you use

The type of vents utilized in ventilation will be determined by the home itself.  We design ventilation solutions consistent with FHA recommendations.  We will need to determine if adequate intake ventilation is present, then evaluate roof for proper exhaust vents.  Most gable roofs with adequate intake and a continuous attic are suited for an external baffle ridgevent. Hip roofs are often short on enough ridge area to balance the intake.  When this condition exist we will seek alternative exhaust vents such as an Attic Breeze Solar Powered ventilator or a combination of passive vents. jb