Do you service the conroe area?

Thank you for inquiring if we service the Conroe area.  We perform roof replacements (Reroofs), repairs and new construction roofing in Conroe and Montgomery county areas.

do you hand nail or use nail guns

For most applications we recommend a hand nailed application and incorporate that into our daily process. There are certain circumstances where a pneumatic nailed application is less destructive on the roof deck.  This is something we would identify after we inspect your attic for deck type prior to roof estimate and eventual replacement.jb

What is 3-tab

A Three tab shingle is an industry term for the entry level composition shingle also known as a “strip” shingle. This entry level product is not laminated like dimensional shingles.  The product has a product warranty from 20-25 years. This product has a typical wind warranty of 60-70 mph. It is common practice to cut these shingles between the three tab’s of the shingles to be utilized at the hips and ridges on your roof. We recommend the utilization of a pre-manufactured hip/ridge shingle that has life expectancy and wind performance comparable to the field shingle. Your roof is only as good as its weakest link.

Do you install solar attic fans?

Yes, we install solar powered attic fans regularly during both roof replacements as well as retrofit into existing roofs. There are several of brands available including Attic Breeze, GAF, Lomanco, Airvent, and others.

do you finance?

We do have multiple financing partners that we work with. Wells Fargo and Admirals Bank.

I’ve called my insurance company about storm damage to my roof, they have not called yet to make an appointment, I would like you here before them can you make it?

We will be more than happy to inspect prior to their arrival. A pre-inspection is a good idea to discuss the process and start preliminary discussions on roofing products.  Once your adjuster communicates a time and date we will meet with the adjuster and assist them with the inspection.  If the damage warrants coverage, we will use this time to agree on what job site variables need to be included in the adjustment. jb