Do you offer free estimates?

We do offer free estimates to owners of single family homes and privately owned commercial facilities.  Real Estate inspections are subject to fee. jb

What type attic vents do you use

The type of vents utilized in ventilation will be determined by the home itself.  We design ventilation solutions consistent with FHA recommendations.  We will need to determine if adequate intake ventilation is present, then evaluate roof for proper exhaust vents.  Most gable roofs with adequate intake and a continuous attic are suited for an external baffle ridgevent. Hip roofs are often short on enough ridge area to balance the intake.  When this condition exist we will seek alternative exhaust vents such as an Attic Breeze Solar Powered ventilator or a combination of passive vents. jb

is brinkman a GAF Master Elite contractor ?

Yes, Brinkmann is a Master Elite Contractor through GAF.  We are proud to have received a Two Star Presidents club award last year with GAF, 1 of only 3 companies in Texas to do so.

We are also a Platinum Contractor with Owens Corning.

Both of these certification levels enable us to off workmanship warranty’s against leaks for 25 years backed by the manufacturer.


Is hand nailing standard ?

No, hand nailing is not standard. A hand nailed application will impact the installation time for a roofing project.  There are several benefits to hand nailing over gun nailing. We would be more than happy to visit with you about the benefits.  Call us today for a free estimate for your roof replacement.

we need to extend a pvc vent pipe from an attic space and through the roof. would require some shingle repair, flashing, jack etc. Is this something Brinkmann can do?

We would be more than happy to coordinate with the plumber to install a roof plumbing flashing.  We would need to know the size of the pvc pipe flashing as well as the type and color of shingles. If you do not know the type and color of shingles we can determine this with an onsite inspection.  Just call the at 281-480-7663 and communicated the information about the roof repairs.

Do you install metal roofs

Yes we install several different types of metal roofing. We have traditional metal products such as standing seam, R-Panel, U-Panel, as well as 5-V crimp.  In addition, we have stone coated steel products that look just like tile, wood shakes and laminate shingles.  Please find samples of our metal products under out Photo Gallery: Metal Products.

Do you repair leaking chimneys?

Yes, we do fix leaking chimneys. If you have a brick or stone chimney there is a very good chance that it may start leaking from this event. Porous materials will soak up water and once they reach a point of saturation they will begin to release that water. This is a very common issue when we have consistent rain for 2-3 days or more. The only thing that can be done to stop the leaks is to wrap the entire chimney in plastic or a tarp. Once the brick has been dried out it can be sealed.  There could certainly be a an issue with the flashing as well. However, if it didn’t leak before the storm there is a good chance it is a saturation problem and not a flashing issue.