we need to extend a pvc vent pipe from an attic space and through the roof. would require some shingle repair, flashing, jack etc. Is this something Brinkmann can do?

We would be more than happy to coordinate with the plumber to install a roof plumbing flashing.  We would need to know the size of the pvc pipe flashing as well as the type and color of shingles. If you do not know the type and color of shingles we can determine this with an onsite inspection.  Just call the at 281-480-7663 and communicated the information about the roof repairs.

Do you install metal roofs

Yes we install several different types of metal roofing. We have traditional metal products such as standing seam, R-Panel, U-Panel, as well as 5-V crimp.  In addition, we have stone coated steel products that look just like tile, wood shakes and laminate shingles.  Please find samples of our metal products under out Photo Gallery: Metal Products.

Do you repair leaking chimneys?

Yes, we do fix leaking chimneys. If you have a brick or stone chimney there is a very good chance that it may start leaking from this event. Porous materials will soak up water and once they reach a point of saturation they will begin to release that water. This is a very common issue when we have consistent rain for 2-3 days or more. The only thing that can be done to stop the leaks is to wrap the entire chimney in plastic or a tarp. Once the brick has been dried out it can be sealed.  There could certainly be a an issue with the flashing as well. However, if it didn’t leak before the storm there is a good chance it is a saturation problem and not a flashing issue.

How to use Fire Extinguishers!

How often do Fires Happen?

Fires happen more often than people think. There are countless ways that you can interact with a potential fire. Cooking, smoking, electrical fire, and gas fire. There are numerous ways to which a fire can happen at any point. It’s reason like this that we decided to host a teaching blog on how to use a fire extinguisher, your best friend in a house fire.

How to user Fire Extinguishers

how to use fire extinguishers 220x147 How to use Fire Extinguishers! Using a fire extinguisher is pretty easy. The instructions are right there, and the PASS technique is well known, and an excellent example of how simple putting out fires can be when you don’t panic and know what to expect.

The PASS Technique:

  • Pull –Pull the trigger on the fire extinguisher to make the trigger applicable.
  • Aim – Aim at the general area where the fire is happening.
  • Spray – Spray in the surrounding area in an arc movement.
  • Sweep – Sweep from side to side to ensure the surrounding area is not at risk.

What to expect when using a fire extinguisher

typical standing seam valley detail 220x146 How to use Fire Extinguishers!But just because the instructions are simple doesn’t mean it’s going to be that simple when you get there. You need to expect recoil and cleanup problems.

Recoil – Firstly, there is little to no recoil on a fire extinguisher. Most people expect some giant pushback, but it comes out like whipped cream does when you push it all the way down.

Cleanup – Additionally, the cleanup is a little annoying since it is a foam. But once the area has cooled, simply placing a few towels there and some fans will help clear the area.

Expiration – Your fire extinguisher can expire. So make sure to constantly check and ensure that it is up to date at any given time!


Brinkmann Quality Roofings has always remained loyal to the trade of Roofing. For the last thirty years, our roofing services have helped countless businesses and residences in the state of Texas. Whether it’s learning how to clean gutters or learning our prices, if you would like to know more about our services or products available, give us a call today at 281-480-7663

Tile vs. Shingle Roof!

Tile vs. Shingle Roof!

Many people are going to be upgrading their roofs soon, and for many, that means making a decision between tile and shingle roofing. When it comes to this decision, it mostly depends on where you are because there are climate specific issues that each style has to undergo.

What about the Tile Roofing

Gerard Barcelona Tile 220x146 Tile vs. Shingle Roof!Price – Tile roofing is more expensive than shingles, but the aesthetic comparison is barely noticeable, especially with those who are making a long-term investment.

Durability – Tiles are much more durable than shingles as well as heavier. This means they are more likely to stay on during a storm and often lasts roughly twice as long as the shingles.

Look – There is a specific look that tiles have that often looks nicer and can come in much more colors. So there are more options available regarding the appeal.

What about the Shingle Roofing

Composite Asphalt Shingles 220x90 Tile vs. Shingle Roof!Price – Shingles are much cheaper than tiles. But with that being said, it is often presumed that people with shingle roofing simply couldn’t afford anything else.

Durability – Shingles are easier at dispersing the wind, but they are incredibly easy to take off in the chance that the wind falls beneath it and pries them off.

Look – The tiles have a much more conservative look to them and often look like flat roofing. They often have a gripped or abrasive edge to better cling if people are moving atop it.

Which is best for me?

The quality of the Roof – While tiles are objectively the better choice, it’s important to make sure your structure can handle the tiles. A tile roof will often weigh as much as five times the amount as a shingle roof and puts a strain on parts of the house.

Weather Conditions – If you are in a typically windy area, you might need to be stuck with tile roofing because they do better under strenuous conditions. Humidity also has the typical characteristics of breaking apart shingles much easier.

Brinkmann Quality

Brinkmann Quality Roofings has always remained loyal to the trade of Roofing. For the last thirty years, our roofing services have helped countless businesses and residences in the state of Texas. If you would like to know more about our services or products available, give us a call today at 281-480-7663

How important is Insulation?

What is Insulation?

Insulation means keeping or retaining. In the case of construction, insulation is used in the management of heat. You either want to gain heat or lose heat. For the most part, every single house or roof has some form of insulation in it, partially because you don’t want air to escape and you don’t want water to enter.

Why does Insulation Matter?

IMG 0067 220x164 How important is Insulation?Reinforcement – As listed above, insulation is important for reinforcing what the purpose of the roof is. It keeps things out of your home, be it rain or otherwise.

Keeps Heat out – It especially keeps heat out. When it is the middle of our Houston summer, you don’t want to end up on the losing side of a battle with the weather. If your roof isn’t properly insulated, the cool air can escape and make your HVAC work harder and longer.

Lowers Electric Bill – The cooler your house is, the less the HVAC needs to work to put you there. This over time reduces your electric bill and pays for itself.

What are the kinds of insulation?

Fiberglass – Very common insulation, keeps heat out but does and doesn’t retain water, but how effective can glass be? It’s also eco-friendly.

IMG 0068 220x164 How important is Insulation?Mineral Wool – Another eco-friendly option, this will not melt or combust, but it is also a little more expensive.

Cellulose – This is the most eco-friendly material and is also a little pricey, but it is also flammable.

Polyurethane Foam – This is the best insulator on the market, it even doubles as a sound insulator. But it’s bad for the environment, expensive, and flammable.

Styrofoam – This is the trickiest choice. It is not eco-friendly, it is flammable, and it is difficult to use with roof imperfections, so the more oblong your roof is, the more it will cost. But it is the least expensive material on the market.

Brinkmann Quality

Brinkmann Quality is one of the best roofing companies in Houston. We have been around for several years and in that time have helped out countless families, and businesses get new roofs for their buildings. If you would like to learn more about our services or prices, give us a call today!

Is Solar Roofing Worth it?

Is Solar Roofing Worth it?

Roof top solar is one of the largest movements in the alternative energy market in America and certainly the largest movement in the world of roofing. Our solar roofing products take the place of traditional roofing products when installing a new roof or replacing an old roof.  These solar shingles not only protect your home but generate electricity for your home.

How much does Solar Roofing Cost?

IMG 0300 220x164 Is Solar Roofing Worth it?The cost of a solar roofing solution will typically land between $22,000 and $28,000  (before 30% Federal Tax Credit) depending on the size of the system, electrical considerations, and roof slope to be installed on.  Our most popular sized system is around 6KW.  Most roofs can accommodate a system of this size on one or two slopes.

How much does Solar Roofing Save?

The amount of energy cost saved will be based on the size and production of the system and your cost of electricity.  All of our solar roofing systems will more than pay for them selves over the 25 year life expectancy of the assembly.

The Benefits of Solar Roofing

2013 11 15 10.58.33 220x164 Is Solar Roofing Worth it?

5.9kw Solar Shingles in Magnolia, Texas

Spend less on Electricity – The obvious benefit to our solar roofing solutions are the money saved on purchasing electricity.  The energy that our systems generate feed you home electricity which is consumed prior to purchasing from the grid.  Excess generated electricity is fed back onto the grid and is purchased back from certain retailers.

Receive Tax Rebates – Photo voltaic systems can qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Credit.  This is a dollar for dollar savings, not a decrease in taxable income. Depending on your location in the State of Texas, you may qualify for additional solar incentives.

Our Solar Solutions are the Roof- Unlike the unsightly 3′ x 5′ traditional solar panels our product is the roof where it is installed.  This allows additional immediate savings by not having to install traditional roofing products under our system and long term maintenance savings. Ever worked on a 20 year old electrical system and wires exposed to UV for 20 years?

Be Environmentally Conscious – Texas is hot, and it’s only going to get hotter unless we become more environmentally conscious of our surroundings and do a better job of keeping our world safe for our children. Solar Panels and Roofing are guaranteed to reduce your environmental footprint.

Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services,Inc.

Brinkmann Quality Roofing has always remained loyal to the trade of Roofing. For over 2 generations, our roofing expertise has helped countless businesses and residences in the state of Texas make an informed, correct decision for their roofing needs. If you would like to know more about our services or products available, give us a call today at 281-480-7663