4 Questions to Ask Your Metal Roofing Contractors

Are you ready to give your home an upgrade that it could benefit from for several decades If so, you may want to consider metal roofing. While there are many roofing materials to consider, metal is increasing in popularity. If you’re curious about what this type of roofing can do for you, here are some questions to ask metal roofing contractors before you hire them for installation.

1. What’s the Cost of the Project?

Metal roofing may have a greater upfront cost than other roofing like asphalt shingles. However, the upfront investment is worth it due to its durability and other benefits. Plus, the type of metal used may also affect the final pricing. Don’t be afraid to ask for a written estimate, and you can always check with a few different roofing contractors to compare their pricing.

2. What’s the Advantage of This Roofing Type Over Others?

There are many reasons to consider various roofing materials, but when you choose metal, you can expect a roof that might outlast you. According to State Farm, metal roofing has a typical lifespan of 40 to 70 years. Installation can also protect your home from leaks compared to other materials since it has few seams. If you live in a hot climate, metal is great at reflecting heat, so you can keep your home cool and save on HVAC costs.

3. How Long Will Installation Take?

Metal roofing contractors will take longer to install a roof compared to an asphalt roofer. A metal roof involves a more intricate process. It’s a more specialized installation, as the metal has to be prefabricated beforehand. However, it’ll be worth it in the end!

4. What Type of Metal Is Available?

With metal, you have a variety of metals and styles to consider. You can choose from copper, zinc, steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum. Leave it to metal roofing contractors to advise you on which metal might be ideal for your preferred aesthetic.

A metal roof can bring high value to your home. In addition to increased aesthetics and curb appeal, you can save money, increase your home value, and have a durable roof for years to come. Contact our team at Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services today to schedule an appointment!