Everything You Need to Know About Solar Shingles

Solar shingles remain one of the most innovative ways to help power your home. These shingles are specially designed to enable you to harness the sun’s power, instantly reducing the energy you use. Learning more about this product is essential to ensure it’s the right one for your family. Let’s go over everything you need to know.

Roofing Material

Traditional solar panels were designed to be mounted on your existing roofing material. These shingles are packed with solar cells to help you utilize solar energy while functioning as regular shingles. They help protect your home just like asphalt shingles do. They’re also lightweight and durable, like other roofing materials.

Aesthetic Appeal

Shingles offer more aesthetic appeal compared to other solar options, like large solar panels. They blend seamlessly with your home, instantly making it look better than large solar panels posted in the yard. This can enhance curb appeal, making it an excellent idea for homeowners who want their homes to be more stunning.

Durable Materials

Shingles are made to be durable. The creators of these shingles kept in mind how tough other roofing materials are and incorporated that same level of sturdiness into these. Shingles can easily withstand rain and harsh weather conditions.

Space Saving

Large solar panels can help you reduce energy efficiency, but several conditions must be met to use them. Panels on the roof must have ample room and are often heavier than shingles. These panels may not be an option for homeowners who have a limited amount of space in their yards. Solar shingles bring the possibility of using solar power to every homeowner.

Energy Efficient

Solar products like shingles are connected to the home via batteries. The solar energy collected is stored in a battery and later used by appliances and other things that use electricity in the house. This can help you save hundreds of dollars on your energy bills yearly, in our professional experience. Most solar products eventually pay for themselves, thanks to the massive savings.

Professional installation is paramount to ensuring the shingles blend seamlessly with your roof. Our experienced team will work with you to ensure your shingles are in the optimal place to collect solar energy. According to Business Wire, the solar roofing industry is expected to reach a value of $965 million by 2025, making it a growing trend. Contact Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services today to learn more. We look forward to working with you.