Pasadena Roofing

Pasadena Roofing

Brinkmann is the name in Pasadena Roofing. A family with over four decades of service in the Houston Metropolitan area, and that includes roofs in The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Baytown and everywhere in between. We aim for a future where you can’t drive down a street without passing a Brinkmann roof. So if you’re looking for the best roofers in Pasadena, you’ve come to the right place!

RoofInstallation 220x147 Pasadena RoofingROOFING SERVICES

For every service we provide, we will offer our help and guide you through the process of finding approval for building within Pasadena Residential Development Standards.

Re-roofing – Tear off is a normal part of the roof replacement process. This activity will create a tremendous amount of roofing debris.  When concerned about this process, there’s only one person to call and that’s us, Brinkmann.

Roof Replacement – We also provide complete roof replacement. No matter what the reason for your replacement is, we will be there to install the new roof for you.

cleangutters 220x147 Pasadena RoofingPASADENA SIDING AND GUTTERS

On top of our stellar roofing service are the gutters and residential siding!

Siding Replacement – Humidity and weather conditions do regular wear and tear for your siding. It’s no longer a question of “if” you’ll replace your siding and instead is a matter of “when.” When you decide to change your siding, call on the name best associated with Quality.

Custom Gutters – There are many marvelous homes with beautiful designs in Pasadena. When you need custom gutters or downspouts, give us a call, and we will give you our consultation for the best design that closest matches your home.

Brinkmann Quality

Brinkmann is the name in quality for the Houston surrounding areas including Pasadena. We provide the best customer service, the best roofing jobs, and we stand behind our name proudly. If you would like to learn more about our services or business, please call us today at (281) 480-7663!

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