Low slope roofing products are products used for roofing applications that are a 3/12 pitch (3 inches of vertical fall for every 12 inches of horizontal length) and below or commonly referred to as flat roofs.

  • These types of systems are water impermeable as opposed to water shedding.
  • This type of roof is typically found in commercial applications, however, can be utilized on residential properties.
  • These systems vary in material type, application method, expected life span, and cost.
  • The current Houston building code limits what type of products can be used within Houston city limits with performance requirements including wind rating, reflectivity, emissivity and thermal resistance.

When considering re-roofing a commercial project in the City of Houston, it is imperative to obtain proper permits to ensure that it conforms to the current energy code. In addition, projects installed in coastal counties or in municipalities that require wind performance requirements of 120-mph or greater are subject to special installation techniques, fastening enhancements, minimum deck requirements, and subject to third party inspections and certifications. All of the product categories listed below are eligible for application in high wind zones. The professionals at Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services can assist you with choosing the right product for your application.

Built Up Roofing

Also referred to as BUR, Hot Tar, Tar and Gravel, or Flood Coat and Gravel

tar and gravel roof imgp0247a TPO walls

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Modified Bitumen

Also referred to as Mod Bit, Modified, Roll Roofing, or SBS systems


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Single Ply Roof Systems

Also referred to as TPO, PVC, EPDM, Rubber, Thermo Plastics, Poly Vinyl Chloride, Thermoplastic Olefin

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Roof Coatings

Also referred to as elastomeric coating, latex coating, acrylic coating,

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