Tile and slate roofing products are available in a wide variety of shapes, color, and composition. The most common and most economical options available are concrete based products made with Portland cement, sand, water and coloring synthetic oxides. Most of these products are available in one-piece interlocking tiles. The more expensive options are clay based products which are molded clay and baked into their final profile. This variety comes in both one and two piece options. Slate profile products are available in concrete, clay or naturally occurring materials. Naturally occurring products are the rarest of the slate/tile products and come at a premium. The color of naturally occurring slate is determined by the type and amount of chemicals and minerals present in the material and available in both “weathering” and unfading products.

When considering any slate or tile product structural considerations must be made to ensure that it will support the weight of these products. Lite weight products are available for retrofit applications but still tip the scales at over 500 pounds per square. Prior to installing slate/tile products, a structural engineer must be engaged to access limitations.

We recommend installing fully adhered underlayment systems with non-corrosive fasteners and flashings to ensure a lifetime of performance.

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