5 Perks a New Roof can Bring!

IMG 0300 220x164 5 Perks a New Roof can Bring! 5 Perks a New Roof can Bring!

Getting a new roof can be a significant investment for your home. But it is arguably the most important part of the house next to the walls and doors! If you are going to get a new roof, chances are you’re in a position that is forcing your hand. However, we’ve created a list to instill excitement over your new roof!

The Five Perks

Increase Property Value – Having a new roof increases your property value and makes it much easier for you to refinance and sell your home down the line. It is a great investment and can drastically improve your ROI if you are hoping to flip the house.

IMG 0287 220x294 5 Perks a New Roof can Bring!Increase Visual Appeal – Most of all, new roofs look great. Having a new roof does a great job of attracting attention and buzz around your home for a long time.

Become Energy Efficient – If you are installing a new roof, it means you have an old roof that needs to go. The longer a roof remains in service, the more likely it is to be prone to damage and gaps in the roof meaning your HVAC is spending more to keep it temperate.

New Technology Incentives – If you are considering getting a new type of roof such as a solar panel roof, there are incentives from the state of Texas that can get you rebates and tax write-offs for investing in new technologies.

Peace of Mind – Finally, having a failing roof can stress out anyone. The sooner you get a new roof installed, the sooner it will be that you can rest comfortably knowing that your roof is properly installed and secure.

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