5 Signs It’s Time to Get a New Metal Roof

A metal roof is a fantastic investment for any homeowner. Metal roofing is aesthetically appealing and well-known for its superior durability. According to State Farm, metal roofing usually lasts 40–70 years. Throughout these years, it’s important to look for signs that it’s time to call a metal roofing contractor. Let’s take a look at a few different signs to look for.

1. You See Serious Leaking

It’s common to see a leak here and there if the seams need to be adequately sealed or the seal wears out. However, if you notice one leak after another, then it may be time for a new metal roof. A professional can evaluate your roof to determine if it’s time for a replacement or a small repair.

2. You See Corrosion or Rust

Metal roofs receive a special coating to help prevent rust. However, they may not be ultimately able to resist corrosion. If homeowners don’t follow a regular maintenance schedule to re-coat their roof, then it’s likely to rust long before it’s been forty years. Contact a professional at the first sign of rust to determine if you need a new metal roof.

3. You See Significant Damage

Metal roofs are durable, but they can still experience damage. It’s common to see a metal roof damaged from a hail storm or large branches falling on the roof. These can both cause dents in the metal. Minor dents are usually not a problem. Large dents can make your roof less effective, and you’ll probably need to discuss a replacement with metal roofing contractors.

4. You Remember Your Roof’s Age

As previously mentioned, the typical metal roof will last at least 40 years. It’s essential to schedule annual or biannual inspections once your roof hits this age limit. It would be best to start planning for a replacement soon in case your roof shows signs you need a new one. Usually, homeowners opt to have a new roof installed by the time their roof reaches 50 years old, so they don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of their roof failing.

5. You See Sagging

A sagging roof indicates that there is severe structural damage. The support beams may have been damaged during a storm or if something heavy fell on your roof. This requires immediate attention from metal roofing contractors. Your roof may cave in if the problem is not repaired promptly.

Your metal roof is bound to need replacing eventually. Homeowners who notice these signs should contact local metal roofing contractors for a thorough inspection. Give us a call at Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services to schedule an appointment today!