7 Signs you Need a Roofer for your Home

7 Signs you Need a Roofer for your Home

Having a roofer over to your house is not an everyday occasion, and most people aren’t informed as to the occurrences that would prompt needing a roofer. Because of this, Brinkmann has assembled a list of the top 7 signs you need to watch out for in case you need a roofer!

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Routine Inspection – Routine Inspections can never hurt, whether you want a routine inspection annually or semi-annually is up to you, but the best way to avoid roof damage is constant inspections. Finding a problem before it shows up on the inside can save you thousands in interior repairs.

Higher Heating or Cooling Bills – If you are experiencing higher than average heating or cooling bills that have nothing to do with the weather, it could be due to improper ventilation.  We can provide ventilation solutions catered to your specific home.

Loose or Missing Nails – when you pass by your roof to your door, keep an eye out for nails backing out. These can appear as “lifted shingles” or “fish mouths” on the plane of the roof.  These are typically caused by a nail hitting a plywood joint and backing out of wood due to natural expansion and contraction.  Gone untreated these can eventually lead to wood rot or even roof blow offs.

Loose or Missing Shingles – Traffic, heavy winds, hail storms and improper application can lead to shingles becoming loose, or for the blanks to drop off completely. When this happens, it can expose the underlying roof deck to water and eventual rot.

PRoofRepair 220x213 7 Signs you Need a Roofer for your Homeeculiar Smells or Signs of Water Damage – If you smell a musty odor or see stains in the sheetrock it may be time to get a roofer to look at suspect areas.  Timely diagnosis can prevent mold and mildew from moisture intrusion.

Clogged Gutters – Gutters without our “gutter guards” can catch debris from surrounding trees and shrubbery.  These can cause water dams at the perimeter of your home.

The roof is Sagging – This is the four-alarm fire for roof repair. When you see small sagging areas this typically indicates a leak has been present for a long period of time that has gone unnoticed.  If you can get in your attic to observe the area under this sag the damage may be apparent.  Call us immediately if you notice sagging.

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