What gets covered during a Roofing Inspection?

What are Roofing Inspections

Roofing inspections should be conducted every year. These are routine checkups in which a contractor will check your roof on the inside and outside for potential damage that could cause long term negative effects on your home.

However, being a smart consumer, you should make sure that the following steps are checked during a roofing inspection to ensure you are getting your money worth and you can also look out for things that we look for too!

What should be seen during these inspections

Interior Inspection

Visually Inspect for:

  • Roof Insulation 220x118 What gets covered during a Roofing Inspection?Water Drips or stains on the ceiling
  • Mold or Mildew Buildup

Physically Inspect for:

  • Proper Ventilation to ensure proper airflow

Exterior Evaluation

Visually Inspect for:

  • Sagging or Bowing of the Deck
  • Visual Damage or missing Shingles
  • Dirt or Debris that is Sitting
  • Spots of Collection or Discoloration
  • Granules inside the gutters that come from shingles

Physically inspect for:

  • Dollarphotoclub 26367605 220x147 What gets covered during a Roofing Inspection?Loose Shingles or Tiles
  • Loose gutters or wobbly gutters
  • Fasteners or panels that could develop rust


The report that you receive from the roofer should detail all the information and more. It should list current or possible risks as well as what possible future risks you could be undergoing (This could be anything from an old tree near the roof [Branch Risk, Potential falling])

Always ask to get a report in writing so that you can clear yourself of liability, the roofer will undoubtedly keep one for their records as well.

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