How Summer Heat Affects Your Roof

Summers are hot in Texas, and you do not want to underestimate the damage the sun can do to your roof. Awareness is one of the most important parts of roof maintenance. If you are aware of the ways the sun wears down your roof, you can prolong the life of your roof, saving you time and money in costly roof repairs.

SummerRoof 220x165 How Summer Heat Affects Your RoofThe sun has a very big impact on your roof’s lifespan, primarily because of UV rays, heat, and thermal shock. UV rays from the sun wear down your roof every single day, even on cool and cloudy days. The sun’s rays dry out the oils in your roof causing it to become dry and brittle and it eventually causes it to lose its waterproofing qualities. Heat from the sun also accelerates the breakdown process. If it is 90 degrees outside, your roof can reach up to 160 degrees! Heat speeds up the damage done by UV rays and causes the roof to become weak and lose its flexibility. As the air outside heats up and cools down, your roof does, too, causing it to expand and contract every day. This is called thermal shock. Over time, your roof will begin to strain from the thermal shock which could cause the roof to split, resulting in costly repairs.

Neglecting to maintain your roof could cause more damage, reducing the life of your roof and costing you more time and money in the long run. Regular roof maintenance includes cleaning debris off the roof and out of gutters, replacing loose or missing shingles, and repairing lifted shingles and flashing. Neglect is one of the main ways to speed up roof damage, but if you take control in your hands, then you can ensure a longer life span for your roof!

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