Low Slope Roofs – Pros and Cons

What are Low Slope Roofs?

A roof is considered low slope if it has an angle of fewer than 18 degrees. This means that the roof can be flatter than a roof with a higher slope.

What are the Benefits?

solar shingles 2 220x146 Low Slope Roofs – Pros and ConsLow Slope Roofs have a few benefits specifically in Houston:

Flatter means easier for Solar Panels – Many people in the Houston Metropolitan area are investing in Solar Panels and a Low slope roof means that each panel has the potential to take in more sunlight than if the slope was higher.

Flatter means water Rolls off Easier – Rain will fall off the roof faster, which can be good regarding impact reduction and sound reduction.

Flatter means less likely to receive wind damage – you are less likely to have shingles torn off your roof during a low slope roof because they are built closer to the grain.

What are the Negatives?

IMG 1758 220x164 Low Slope Roofs – Pros and ConsFlatter means more impact from Snow – While it doesn’t impact many residents directly. When there is snow, it can cling much more and stay on the roof for longer. This can cause increased strain when otherwise it would be more prone to falling off.

Flatter means Damage is Harder – If something were to damage your roof, the impact would spread out to other parts of the roof faster than if it were in a higher slope roof. This is due to the way the roof is constructed and dissipates damage. When something breaks through, it breaks hard.

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