Is Solar Roofing Worth it?

Is Solar Roofing Worth it?

Roof top solar is one of the largest movements in the alternative energy market in America and certainly the largest movement in the world of roofing. Our solar roofing products take the place of traditional roofing products when installing a new roof or replacing an old roof.  These solar shingles not only protect your home but generate electricity for your home.

How much does Solar Roofing Cost?

IMG 0300 220x164 Is Solar Roofing Worth it?The cost of a solar roofing solution will typically land between $22,000 and $28,000  (before 30% Federal Tax Credit) depending on the size of the system, electrical considerations, and roof slope to be installed on.  Our most popular sized system is around 6KW.  Most roofs can accommodate a system of this size on one or two slopes.

How much does Solar Roofing Save?

The amount of energy cost saved will be based on the size and production of the system and your cost of electricity.  All of our solar roofing systems will more than pay for them selves over the 25 year life expectancy of the assembly.

The Benefits of Solar Roofing

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5.9kw Solar Shingles in Magnolia, Texas

Spend less on Electricity – The obvious benefit to our solar roofing solutions are the money saved on purchasing electricity.  The energy that our systems generate feed you home electricity which is consumed prior to purchasing from the grid.  Excess generated electricity is fed back onto the grid and is purchased back from certain retailers.

Receive Tax Rebates – Photo voltaic systems can qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Credit.  This is a dollar for dollar savings, not a decrease in taxable income. Depending on your location in the State of Texas, you may qualify for additional solar incentives.

Our Solar Solutions are the Roof- Unlike the unsightly 3′ x 5′ traditional solar panels our product is the roof where it is installed.  This allows additional immediate savings by not having to install traditional roofing products under our system and long term maintenance savings. Ever worked on a 20 year old electrical system and wires exposed to UV for 20 years?

Be Environmentally Conscious – Texas is hot, and it’s only going to get hotter unless we become more environmentally conscious of our surroundings and do a better job of keeping our world safe for our children. Solar Panels and Roofing are guaranteed to reduce your environmental footprint.

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