Solar Shingle Installation in Houston

Trying to find the right roofing material for your house? With so many options it can be difficult to choose what type of roof to put over your head, but Brinkmann Quality Roofing can help. If you’re looking to take control of your utility bills, DOW POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingles are the right roofing material for you.

Brinkmann Quality Roofing is an authorized dealer of DOW POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingles, which use the sun’s clean abundant energy to feed electricity to your home. With a custom-designed array of solar shingles you’ll be sure to fall in love with your roof.

There are many benefits of DOW POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingles, including complementing the design and roofline of any home, protecting your home while providing you with energy and savings, serving as a monitoring system to help manage electricity usage, being virtually maintenance-free, and providing durable performance as it is build to withstand hail, wind, and up to 150 mph wind-driven rain. DOW POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingles are also made in the United States and are backed by a 20-year warranty, so you can be certain that your investment is protected.

Your home is a special place and deserves to have a roof that will protect your family from the elements and that will give you peace of mind. Whether you need a roof replacement, roof repair or required roof maintenance, regardless of the roofing material, Brinkmann Quality Roofing Service is the most trusted and reputable name in roofing for almost 40 years. Brinkmann’s fully trained and certified team of professionals is experienced in all types of roofing products and applications, providing you with a solution to your roofing needs.

Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services has been serving Houston, Austin, Dallas and Southeast Texas with roof replacements, roof repairs, and roof maintenance for almost 40 years. Call today at (281) 480-7663 for a free no obligation estimate.