The Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade to Solar Roofing

Whether you’re looking to protect the environment or to improve your personal financial situation, investing in solar roofing can be a great choice. Given the many benefits, it should come as no surprise that the solar roofing product market is projected to reach roughly $965 million in value by 2025 according to Business Wire. Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons for installing solar power and roofing solutions.


1. You Can Reduce Utility Bills


The potential to save when it comes to utility bills is one of the most obvious benefits of installing solar roofing. However, when you dig into the details, the case for solar power can be better than many people realize. For example, utility bills have been relatively predictable over the last several years. Global energy markets have been stable, and demand in some markets has peaked. However, economic and political shocks could lead to sharp increases in electricity and other utilities. Solar power could not only save money but can also reduce the risk of shocks. Having your shingles themselves collect energy is one of the most structurally efficient ways to power your property.


2. You May Qualify for Tax Rebates and Other Programs


Depending on where you live, there could be a monetary incentive for investing in solar roofing. As such, it’s smart to check if there are any government incentives, such as tax rebates, for installing solar roofing in your area. If so, this could save you a lot of money or provide other benefits. Besides checking with the federal and state governments, be sure to check with local offices to see if they’re offering incentives or other programs. It never hurts to ask, after all.


3. It’ll Improve Your Home’s Value


The many benefits of solar roofing can increase the value of your home or other property. Thus, when it comes time to sell, you may secure a higher selling price. In some cases, between increased property values and savings, solar power and roofing solutions can pretty much pay for themselves. Such value is hard to look past! Even if you don’t plan to leave, you’ll be able to enjoy the boost in curb appeal.

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