Tile vs. Shingle Roof!

Tile vs. Shingle Roof!

Many people are going to be upgrading their roofs soon, and for many, that means making a decision between tile and shingle roofing. When it comes to this decision, it mostly depends on where you are because there are climate specific issues that each style has to undergo.

What about the Tile Roofing

Gerard Barcelona Tile 220x146 Tile vs. Shingle Roof!Price – Tile roofing is more expensive than shingles, but the aesthetic comparison is barely noticeable, especially with those who are making a long-term investment.

Durability – Tiles are much more durable than shingles as well as heavier. This means they are more likely to stay on during a storm and often lasts roughly twice as long as the shingles.

Look – There is a specific look that tiles have that often looks nicer and can come in much more colors. So there are more options available regarding the appeal.

What about the Shingle Roofing

Composite Asphalt Shingles 220x90 Tile vs. Shingle Roof!Price – Shingles are much cheaper than tiles. But with that being said, it is often presumed that people with shingle roofing simply couldn’t afford anything else.

Durability – Shingles are easier at dispersing the wind, but they are incredibly easy to take off in the chance that the wind falls beneath it and pries them off.

Look – The tiles have a much more conservative look to them and often look like flat roofing. They often have a gripped or abrasive edge to better cling if people are moving atop it.

Which is best for me?

The quality of the Roof – While tiles are objectively the better choice, it’s important to make sure your structure can handle the tiles. A tile roof will often weigh as much as five times the amount as a shingle roof and puts a strain on parts of the house.

Weather Conditions – If you are in a typically windy area, you might need to be stuck with tile roofing because they do better under strenuous conditions. Humidity also has the typical characteristics of breaking apart shingles much easier.

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