How to use Fire Extinguishers!

How often do Fires Happen?

Fires happen more often than people think. There are countless ways that you can interact with a potential fire. Cooking, smoking, electrical fire, and gas fire. There are numerous ways to which a fire can happen at any point. It’s reason like this that we decided to host a teaching blog on how to use a fire extinguisher, your best friend in a house fire.

How to user Fire Extinguishers

how to use fire extinguishers 220x147 How to use Fire Extinguishers! Using a fire extinguisher is pretty easy. The instructions are right there, and the PASS technique is well known, and an excellent example of how simple putting out fires can be when you don’t panic and know what to expect.

The PASS Technique:

  • Pull –Pull the trigger on the fire extinguisher to make the trigger applicable.
  • Aim – Aim at the general area where the fire is happening.
  • Spray – Spray in the surrounding area in an arc movement.
  • Sweep – Sweep from side to side to ensure the surrounding area is not at risk.

What to expect when using a fire extinguisher

typical standing seam valley detail 220x146 How to use Fire Extinguishers!But just because the instructions are simple doesn’t mean it’s going to be that simple when you get there. You need to expect recoil and cleanup problems.

Recoil – Firstly, there is little to no recoil on a fire extinguisher. Most people expect some giant pushback, but it comes out like whipped cream does when you push it all the way down.

Cleanup – Additionally, the cleanup is a little annoying since it is a foam. But once the area has cooled, simply placing a few towels there and some fans will help clear the area.

Expiration – Your fire extinguisher can expire. So make sure to constantly check and ensure that it is up to date at any given time!


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