Why Roof Maintenance is Important This Fall

Though roof and gutter maintenance is important year-round, autumn is the prime time to have your roof inspected and prepared for the cold months to come, even in Texas. While the rest of the country has to worry about winter storms and snow, Texans don’t share that same concern; however, we do still need to be aware of the damage that falling leaves and dead tree limbs could cause.

As leaves and tree limbs fall on your roof, the leaves clump up and collect water and moisture which can lead to extensive roof damage. By not cleaning the leaves off of your roof, you can cause a domino effect of rot and damage that will be expensive to repair. The water that collects on the fallen leaves will cause the shingles below the leaves to rot, which eventually leads the roofing beneath the shingles to rot. This can then lead to a leak in your home, causing even further damage. In addition, the clumps of wet leaves put uneven pressure on the roof which cause the beams to weaken over time.

cleangutters 220x147 Why Roof Maintenance is Important This FallIn addition to your roof, you also need to pay close attention to your gutter system. Cleaning your gutters regularly, especially during the fall is extremely important in preventing damage to your home. During the fall, the leaves and debris from surrounding trees can clog your gutter system, causing water to back up and not drain properly. This blockage can freeze, damaging your gutters and your roof, damaging your home’s exterior, and leading to a bug infestation.

Take time this fall to give your roof and gutter system the preventative care your home deserves. Have your roof inspected and make sure your home and your family are protected from the elements this coming winter.

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